Acadia POS Features

Running a business is no easy task. Our robust point-of-sale system helps you stay on track so that you can spend more time helping your customers.

General Checkout

Simplify your checkout process with Acadia POS. Scan items, punch in custom orders, accept various forms of payments and create customer profiles on our simple and easy to use interface.

No Proprietary Hardware

Make upgrading to a new system affordable and seamless. Our platform is compatible with dozens of brands, allowing you to put your money towards what matters most for your business.

Inventory Management

Take control of your inventory and ensure that you are always prepared for your customers. Import/export inventory from your current POS system, add/update products, print labels and much more.

Inventory Forecasting

Your profit margins depend on how well you stock and maintain inventory. Acadia’s analytics functions can help you determine appropriate inventory levels to keep your business running smoothly.

Offline & Cloud Capabilities

Is your business in a rural area? Shotty internet? No problem. Acadia POS has both online and offline capabilities, meaning your sales don’t stop when the internet does. Any progress made during offline periods will be uploaded to the cloud as soon as you regain service.

Generate & View Reports

Get insight into your daily operations and find out what practices work best. View employee sales, discover your best selling items, collect customer transaction data and much more.

Employee Management

Employees can clock in and out right on the POS system, allowing you to easily track their hours, performance as well as view their personal information.


Acadia makes it easy to run promotions and discounts. Choose promotions on a product, department, or store-wide level through Acadia’s easy to use interface.

Customizable Gift Cards

Loyal customers love gift cards as they’re a way to support businesses they love, and evangelize these businesses to friends. Easily sell, redeem, and track all on one platform.

Client Engagement

Every customer is different. So should be your marketing to them. By tracking valuable information like customer purchases and contact information, you’ll be able to market to your customer in ways that will keep them happy, and keep them coming back.


No need to learn a separate e-commerce system or contract with an expensive company to start selling online. Acadia POS E-Commerce allows you to add items to your online store from the POS platform.

Manage Interactions

Manage all of your customer voice and non-voice interactions on our Interactify platform. Pay only for the services you use and keep your legacy software and hardware, as Interactify doesn't require you to purchase any proprietary hardware.