Quick Service POS Features

Checkout Customers

Accept payments in any form you’d like -- cash, credit and debit -- on any device, and from anywhere in your store.

Make Reservations

Keep track of your availability by creating, modifying and removing reservations.

Accept Deposits

Create customer profile and accept upfront deposits. Deposits can be deducted during final transaction.

Manage Cash Transactions

Keep track of how much, when and why cash (tip payouts, etc.) is going in and out of the cash drawers.

Receipt Builder

Customize your receipts to include specific data, personalized messages, and discount offers.

Manage Employees

Keep track of employee personal information, performance and hours right on the Acadia POS platform.

Manage Guests

Create customer profiles that include contact information.

Generate Reports

View employee sales, discover your best selling items, collect customer transaction data and much more.

Offline & Cloud

Keeps working when the internet goes out and any progress will be uploaded to the cloud as soon as you regain service.

Manage Multiple Locations

Manage every aspect of every location from the comfort of your home or office computer.

Manage Inventory & Menus

Import/export inventory from your current POS system, add/update products, print labels and much more.

Customizable Giftcards

Increase customer loyalty with fully customizable gift cards.

Apply Discounts

Incentivize customers to stay with you with discounts ranging from preset to custom values.

Label Builder

Easy to use reporting features make sales and profitability tracking a breeze, adding more to your bottom line.


Compatibility is a major priority for us. To learn more about specific integrations, contact us directly.

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