Transform the way you run your business.

Whether you are a single or multi-location business, you can access Acadia remotely. View inventory, reports, sales and manage operations from any device. All you need is an internet connection.

Feature Rich

Take control of how your business is run with the many features Acadia has to offer. Learn what practices work best, who your star employees are, which products your customers can’t stop coming back for and much more.


Accept payments in any form you’d like -- cash, credit, and even cryptocurrency -- on any device, and from anywhere in your store.


You can’t be everywhere at once. Whether in the store or on the road, you have full access to your POS’ sales metrics.


Easy to use reporting features make sales and profitability tracking a breeze, adding more to your bottom line.


Keep loyal customers coming back with targeted marketing, while attracting new ones with easy to use discounting and sales functionality.
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Any device, any where!

Acadia POS works on any computer or tablet, as long as it has access to the internet. Simply open your browser, log onto your POS and start engaging with customers.
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Retail Approved

Don’t settle for a generic point of sale system. Acadia works in any retail environment and any size business. It’s modular design grows with your business, and includes the features you need, while eliminating the ones you don’t. Acadia POS is here to help drives sales and improve the customer experience.

Food & Beverage

Have a cafe or restaurant? Acadia POS for you. It tracks orders, and can send them to different workstation monitors or printers that you select. Track what dishes do best on your menu, and let your customers order online.
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Customizable Gift Cards

Generate new business and drive consumer loyalty with a feature that everyone loves. Our built in gift card support allows you to sell, redeem and track gift card sales.

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