About Us

One of the most important steps a storefront business or restaurant makes is choosing the best point-of-sale solution for their establishment. There are lots of things that you might need for your business such as appliances, furniture, fixtures but buying a point-of-sale system is all about that service and the value that is delivered by the point-of-sale provider.


With direct feedback from merchants, Acadia POS stands out of the crowd with its expansive platform of customizable settings, eCommerce capabilities, and a wide range of compatible hardware to choose from. We promise to not only be diligent during the signup process but also to remain diligent as our customers’ livelihoods depend on that. 

Transition Seamlessly to the Acadia POS Platform


Choosing the best POS system for your business can feel like a daunting task. From accepting payments, managing inventory or menus, creating customer profiles, and tracking sales, having as many functions as possible is key to a smooth transition. Acadia POS can help you identify your pain points and show you which Acadia platform and features are best for your needs.

Monitor Performance and Plan Strategies


Running an efficient business takes time and research. That’s why learning about your customers’ ordering behaviors is essential to planning events, stocking inventory, and managing sales. With Acadia POS, you can quickly generate dozens of reports and use that data to make decisions that work for you and your customers.

Gain Unlimited Access to Advanced Features


What’s the point of building new features if customers don’t know how to use them? We are constantly keeping customers abreast of new features, letting them know about new hardware options, and more than anything listening to them to understand any pain points and to find out what problems need to be solved.