Seamlessly promote and sell your products and services.

With so many people depending on eCommerce to meet their needs, it’s no surprise that having an online store can help you move inventory and increase your revenue. Make your brand accessible with Acadia POS eCommerce integrations.

Acadia POS eCommerce Highlights

Sell 24/7

With an online shop, customers can make purchases any time, day or night. Whatever's convenient for them.

Synchronized Inventory

Time is money. Save both with a shared inventory when you integrate with our point-of-sale.

Print Straight to Kitchen

Eliminate time consuming processes by sending online food orders directly to your kitchen printers.

Lower Overhead Costs

Promote your virtual shelves and potentially save loads on storefront related expenses.

Launch Promotions

Keep customers coming back for more with customizable discount rules for in-store or online purchases.

Manage Pickup Times

Create pickup time rules on the backend so your customers know exactly when to swing by and grab their orders.

Secure Checkout

Our eCommerce solution is out-of-scope which means sensitive customer data is not stored on our system.

Generate Reports

Discover your best sellers and view sales reports from the POS or eCommerce backend.

Set a Delivery Radius

Manage how far your business deliver orders by setting specific delivery radiuses and shipping costs.

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