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Acadia Voice for Pizzeria

No more busy lines when the customers try to call your pizzeria for placing their order, improving your customer service significantly!

The complete business phone service for your business

Our low-cost business phone service allows you to make, receive, and record calls, manage phone orders, and process transactions all on one platform. Spend less and get more with our easy-to-use and fast VoIP phone system setup.


Get up-to 20 channels on each phone line so the phone never rings busy when the customers call your pizzeria.

Queue System

Customer calls are queued if the line is busy, allowing you to take on calls easily once the active call is over.

Custom Greeting & Prompts

Add custom greetings and prompts with info like new products, menu changes, holiday greetings, after-hours greetings, and website URLs.

Customer History

Know who is calling and what they previously ordered without having to ask.

One-Click Reorder

Easily re-order previous orders of a customer with just a single tap.

Wireless & Wired Phones

Connect up to 5 wireless phones to a single base station. (Wired options available too)

POS Integrated

Integrated with your POS, saving you a lot of time trying to manually keep track of calls and orders.

Automatic Transcription

Transcript of the calls are generated and stored automatically for future usage.

Sentiment Analysis

Our intelligent system analyses the call transcripts and reflects caller sentiments for your ease.

Unlimited Users

Our solution allows you to setup unlimited users at each location.

Ready to setup Acadia Voice for your pizzeria or want to learn more?

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