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Take control of how your business is run with the many features Acadia has to offer. Learn what practices work best, who your star employees are, which products your customers can’t stop coming back for, and much more.

Easily Manage Robust Inventories

Reduce the cost, effort, and time it takes to manage large inventories with our easy-to-implement inventory and warehouse solutions.

Popular Retail Features

Reporting & Accounting

Increase the accuracy of your costs, sales, inventory, customer, and employee data with our customizable reports.

Inventory Management

Efficiently monitor your stock so that you can plan the reordering of products and/or ingredients.

Warehouse Management

Oversee purchases from your suppliers and optimize fulfillment with our purchase order features.

Employee Management

Organize time more effectively with important insights on employee productivity and time worked.

Multiple Locations

Collect critical data and manage sales and inventory for multiple locations from one platform.

eCommerce Integration

With synced inventory, you can easily promote and sell your products via our eCommerce solution.

Streamline Restaurant Operations

Optimize your menus while connecting critical data between sales and inventory and generating detailed, customized reports.

Popular Restaurant Features

Kitchen Display System

Efficiently fulfill and deliver orders, save paper and decrease overall waste.

Split Checks

Split customer bills right down the middle, by amounts or by specific items.

Custom Price Rules

Promote menu items, boost sales, and increase loyalty with Happy Hours and Specials.


Reduce wait times, increase efficiency, and increase tips with at-the-table capabilities.

Bar Tabs w/ Pre-Auths

Process multiple orders, improve insight into customer behaviors by reducing the number of times a customer provides payment.

Commission-Free Online Orders

Stop giving up to 30% to major platforms like GrubHub and UberEats, sell your food online, and manage everything from one platform.

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