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Acadia POS launches Leafly Integration

Acadia Point of Sale, a leading provider of retail, restaurant and cannabis-specific point of sale solutions, is excited to announce a new integration with Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information resource.

This integration will allow Acadia Point of Sale users to seamlessly access and update product information on Leafly, including descriptions, prices, and availability. This will not only make it easier for businesses to manage their product offerings on Leafly, but it will also help ensure that customers have access to accurate and up-to-date information when searching for products on the platform.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Leafly to offer our customers an even more comprehensive point of sale solution,” said Benjamin Leviton, CEO of Acadia Point of Sale. “This integration will save businesses time and effort, while also improving the customer experience on Leafly. We believe it will be a valuable asset to our customers and help them grow their businesses.”

The integration will be available to all Acadia Point of Sale users in the coming weeks. Businesses interested in learning more can visit the Acadia Point of Sale website or contact their customer support team for more information.


About Acadia Point of Sale:

Acadia Point of Sale is a leading provider of traditional and cannabis-specific point of sale solutions. Their platform offers a range of features including inventory management, customer relationship management, and financial reporting. Their goal is to help businesses streamline their operations and grow their businesses.


About Leafly:

Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource, helping millions of people find the perfect cannabis products for their needs. They offer information on strains, dispensaries, and products, as well as tools to help customers make informed decisions about their cannabis purchases.

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